Die correction online


What is it?

On line support for correcting our products when they are already in your plant.

You can request our technical support in 2 ways: our personnel is always on hand to give you the necessary suggestions to improve its in-press performance.

Via Email

After your first trial, you can send us:

  • the photos (detailed and from different point of view) of your profile’s front end
  • photo of the profile’s sample with description of its defects
  • detailed thickness measurement of the sample (if it’s possible at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the extruded billet)
  • detailed thickness measurement of the die, once it’s cold after the extrusion.

We will get back to you with our correction strategies.

Through Thango®

Share your help request with us through Thango®: it’s the best way for us to give you fast and immediate support, via our dedicated online chat interface.

Through Thango® you can:

  • take photos of your profile’s front end, with Thango®’s integrated HD camera
  • shoot HD videos of your profile’s front end, allowing us to see the different views and surfaces, in a fast and accurate way
  • send us the die correction drawings with your notes.

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