The group at ET16, Chicago 2016

Great interest in our “no dead zones porthole” after Eng. Tommaso Pinter’s speech at ET16.

If you missed the event or you want to try our new technology please download the presentation here (12MB): Charge_weld_scraps_minimization_Tommaso_Pinter.

Charge Weld Scrap Minimization by Means of Dead Metal Flow Control in Die Design

In structural extrusions and other critical sections, charge weld and coring are unacceptable defects. The extension of the charge weld, otherwise called front-end defect, is strongly influenced by the die geometry. It has been shown that, in order to minimize the front-end defect, dies should be designed such that the flow is balanced and the seam weld lines appropriately positioned. The work reported in this paper examines the dynamics of the dead metal zones in hollow extrusion dies through the use of FE analyzes and looks at the effect of their minimization on the front-end defect.