European aluminium extrusion capacity to grow in 2017 and 2018

I interviewed Eng. Tommaso Pinter, Alumat Almax Gorup Chief Commercial Officer, to know his perceptions about the future of aluminium extrusion in Europe throughout 2017.

“In the following 10 months Europe will probably face 5 extrusion presses complete revamping and 10 new lines installation”, he says, sharing data from the most known industry magazines. “Most likely the same will happen in 2018, and similar investments are in program also in North America and Gulf Countries”.

This fact does not necessarily imply that the number of presses in operation will grow but if we go into details this tendency is telling us something important, as Tommaso further explains:

  • The market is growing (i.e. commissioning of new lines is coming both from existing players and new investors);
  • Extrusion companies are switching part of their production mix from architecture to industry (i.e. new quenching boxes are on a high demand);
  • The trend is to make lighter profiles (i.e. Sapa Group is increasing the power of several presses with the aim to extrude thinner walls);
  • Process efficiency is more an more mandatory (i.e. extrusion companies are investing in energy savings and scrap reduction as never done before).

As you can read in the article “Outlook 2017: How end- user will drive aluminium market in 2017” (here) “[…] The automotive, aerospace, construction, electrical and packaging sectors emerged as the largest aluminium end users in 2016. These sectors will continue to drive aluminium consumption in the foreseeable future as well as in 2017“.

“So how is Alumat-Almax group responding to this trends? How all this is going to influence the way we make aluminium extrusion dies and tools?”, I’m asking him.

“In this contest Almax & Alumat are investing in technologies (i.e. FE analysis) able to assist CAD office in designing better dies. Less press trials are mandatory today to reduce transformation costs and time to market.”

Knowing our market and its trend is crucial to be prepared to satisfy the extruders needs on time and in the best way we can. “Alumat Almax Group is working in the right direction. However, I would appreciate any comment aimed at a better understanding of the challenges we are going to face in the next years.”

We’re therefore inviting our readers to drop us a line in the comments below, and let us know: what’s YOUR perception of the market for 2017? What’s the extrusion horizon that is unfolding in front of us? If you can, tell us also the country you’re coming from, so we can map how different areas of the planet are feeling the future of aluminium extrusion across the world.


Diana Tedoldi

People & Media – Alumat Almax Group

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