New extrusion die engineering capabilities are changing extrusion shape feasibility.

We’ve been featured on the cover of Light Metal Age this June with a new article about Extrusion die engineering capabilities.

Eng. Tommaso Pinter has published the focus article of the current issue of Light Metal Age, the famous Aluminium Industry magazine.

You can see on its cover the photo of our five-axis milling machine working a 700 mm (27.6 inches) diameter mandrel at the Almax Mori premises in Italy. The mandrel is used on a die to extrude a 450 mm (17.7 inches) wide industrial profile on an 11-inch billet container press operated by Gulf Extrusions Co. in Dubai.

New engineering capabilities in extrusion die design are providing a new approach for extrusion shape feasibility.

extrusion die engineering

In the article, Eng. Pinter talks about extrusion die engineering, and you can also find a new R&D article about “Multidie”, developed by the University of Bologna in cooperation with Almax Mori.

As mentioned in the conclusions of the article:

“The engineering approach to extrusion profiles feasibility is breaking away from the most common practices in the past. It is at the design stage of the aluminium section that the die vendor is now directly involved and not only at the commissioning stage. Today, extruders can know if a profile can be extruded and also accurately estimate the total scrap that could be produced before the die has been ordered.”

extrusion die engineering

Click HERE to download the FULL article.

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Diana Tedoldi & The Media Team

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