What is Thango?

Thango is the revolutionary SW-HW integrated system for die corrections management that allows you to:

  • Eliminate paper

    No more paper archives of die drawings: with Thango® you can replace them them with an electronic equivalent

  • Manage & share correction notes

    Just write on the touch screen with your fingers, even wearing work gloves, and in a few touches everything can be shared with the die manufacturer.

  • Store photos and videos of press tests, extrusion tips and dies

    Everything will be in a single area for easy access in just one click.



Continual improvement in the design of repetitive dies, to reduce and eliminate press tests and therefore drastically cut costs and increase press productivity


Maximum traceability and accessibility of data concerning die testing and corrections.


Combine data and process statistics that measure the performance of dies, suppliers of dies, profiles and corrections.

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